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I’m back from Europe and my body clock is a little messed up.  I got home yesterday a little late (traffic was a pain which is normal for a Tuesday) and I stopped at the grocery store on the way back.  The last 3 hours of the day were tough for me.  So after I got home, I said to myself “I’m just going to have a one hour nap.”  I set the alarm on my watch and laid down for nappy time.

I woke up 4 and a half hours later.

“Hunh,” I said, “that went a lot longer than I had planned.”  I decided to watch an hour or so of TV and then went to bed… or rather, laid awake for about 40 minutes before finally drifted off.  I awoke at 6 am, 40 minutes later than the previous day.  I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep so I got up, had breakfast, took my sweet time and then got into work at 7:30 in the morning (same as yesterday).  I’ll probably leave around six, the same as yesterday.

This is really screwing up my body rhythm.  By Saturday I should be back to normal.

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Dude, c’mon

I just got back from Switzerland tonight, I’ve currently been up for 24 hours with only minimal naps.  I don’t sleep well on planes, and the seats on the 8 1/2 hour flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis were incredibly uncomfortable.

But on that flight, the weirdest thing happened.  For some reason, the guy sitting in front of me decided to stretch out by extending his and over top of the back of his seat, fingers extending out and curling around to my line of vision.  “Dude,” I said to myself, “what are you doing?”  He did this a number of times, over and over throughout the trip.  So, I decided to take a picture:


Seriously, what are you doing?

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My new suit

I’m going to Switzerland next week to speak at a conference.  On the second evening of the conference, they are having a formal reception which has been described as a black tie affair.

I’m actually quite looking forward to that.  I very rarely have a chance to dress up at all, living on the left coast.  It’s quite dressed-down here and I think I have only worn a suit once in two years.  So, when I read that this was going to be a dress-up event, I looked forward to it.

I’ve been thinking about buying a new suit for some time.  Recall that in February I bought a new shirt and tie for my dance performance, as well as for performing magic.  Now, for this reception, I finally had an excuse to buy a suit jacket.  So, that’s what I did.  I went down to the local Kohl’s and picked one up for 40% off.  Not a bad deal, I think.  Combined with my red shirt and jacket, as well as vest, I took a shot and posted it below.

I think I look rather dapper.


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Making stuff up

Recently, I started picking up a few moves from the dance known as Fox Trot.  Fox Trot is kind of a smooth, classic dance.  I learned a few moves about 8 weeks ago, and a month ago I went down to a new dance studio where they dance a lot of Fox Trot.  The moves that everyone else did were decidedly different from what I knew.

So, I watched.  I kind of tried to get the rhythm and checked with other people and eventually I figured it out.  I still don’t really know it but I know the general feel of the dance.  And, I now make stuff up.  So long as I more-or-less move to the music and stay on the beat, I figure that’s good enough.

And apparently it is.  I went back to the the other studio and I did a Fox Trot with someone.  The result?  People say that I’m pretty good at it.  And all I’m doing is making it up!  It’s not an official style but it seems to go over pretty well with my follows despite not really knowing the “rules” of the dance.  But hey, if people are going to compliment me on my style of dance, unsolicited, then I think I must be doing something that works.

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Yesterday, I was coming home from work and I got a sight of something that I really did not need to see.

I heard my downstairs neighbors raising their voice.  That seems to happen from time to time, I think that they have small kids and I often hear shouting.  Not sure if it’s in anger or something else.  Anyhow, they are on the ground floor.

The window to their bedroom was wide open (ie, no curtains drawn or anything).  It looked like they were either moving out or moving in because the bed of the master bedroom was standing upright, like they were moving it.  It was kind of wedged up against the window, edge on.  I could see straight into their place which is unusual because normally they have the curtains drawn which makes sense if you’re on the ground floor.

Just then, a guy walked by the window.  Naked.  I got a full view of everything.

That is not something I needed to see.  Why would you walk around naked if you’re on the ground floor and the windows are open?  Seriously, you’re asking for trouble (or something).

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