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Just a quick picture for your viewing pleasure, here I am at the ancient city of Tlos, part of the Lycian empire which was in southwest Turkey for several centuries before being conquered by the Greeks, and subsequently the Romans, then the Byzantines.

In a few days I’ll post some explanations about the four different types of architecture you can see in a single city.


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Heard at the airport

Snippet of a conversation at the airport today.

My girlfriend: I’m going to Starbucks. Do you want anything?

Me: Some yellow cake.

My girlfriend: That’s what you want?

Me: Yes, you know, that lemon cake.

My girlfriend: What if they don’t have it?

Me: Get me something without raisins. I don’t like them. Nuts are fine.

My girlfriend: They have that banana bread with nuts. Oh, but you don’t like nuts… Oh, wait, that’s me!

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